On the Origin of Culture: A New Species of Evolution

The idea that culture is an emergent property of human interaction isn’t novel, but thinking about culture as a kind of emergent evolutionary process takes this idea to a new level. Our physical evolution has been influenced by the nature and nurture of the human body over time. As an organic system, the body is […]

Turbulent Times: The adolescence of teenagers, technology & the human tribe

REVKIN: In The Descent of Man, in 1871, Darwin wrote a passage about how we were fundamentally tribal, but that the more that humans were interrelating with each other … the more our sense of tribe would expand. Then he said, only an artificial barrier stands before we will become essentially one tribe, not just […]

The truth about reality and why we don’t see things the way they really are

| Reality, perception, and what gets lost in translation | Logic, reasoning, and scientific advancements have helped us determine that the earth is neither flat nor is it the center of the universe. Although we’d probably never know just by looking. As far as our sensory perceptions tell us, the earth is indeed a flat […]