Collage: Visual Complexity

Although there are important distinctions between the physical processes of the brain and the processing of information within the brain, one key similarity is the role of networks. Even as researchers, designers, and technologists advance our capacity for the conscious understanding of big data, we should remember that we are basically attempting to bring forth into the world that which is already […]

The the complicated, the chaotic, and the complex

| It shouldn’t be surprising that complexity is a difficult concept to describe | From a philosophical point of view, complexity involves the integration of order and chaos (disorder). It represents a dynamic balance, or a rather complicated dance, between the two. Yet even our descriptions of these concepts are, in many ways, a matter […]

Creative metaphors for social change | Arthur Romano

Movement strategist and nonviolence trainer Arthur Romano reflects on 3 creative metaphors for social change – critical mass, critical yeast, and the butterfly effect – drawn from complexity theory and the study of adaptive systems. Critical Mass So when we think about critical mass, we think of that moment after people have been doing work, […]