Systems perspectives as different ways of seeing, organizing, and understanding the world

| It’s not what you see. It’s how you see it. | What we see as a system, and how we understand the interactions of its parts in relationship to the whole, is a function of our own perspective. By changing our perspective, we can conceptually reorganize the same phenomenon as different types of systems […]

The map as territory: Perception versus reality

Perception is not reality. Our perceptions are the result of information about the physical world being generated by our senses and converted into an internalized representation or simulation of reality. THE BRAIN WITH DAVID EAGLEMAN (PBS) | HOW THE BRAIN CREATES REALITY And it’s not just that our senses limit and filter information from the physical […]

How culture affects the ways we learn to organize the world

Culture, perspective, and systems In this 2012 Clever Apes: Nature and Human Nature podcast, scientists described research comparing the ways Native and non-Native children learn to think about the world. Although non-Native children’s thinking involved hierarchical categories (organizing by type), Native children’s thinking involved ecological or “systems-level” principles (organizing by relationships). These represent very different […]