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HOW THE STRUCTURES OF YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS AFFECT HOW YOU LEARN Exploring the need to shift from linear to iterative metaphors for understanding social learning. Complex change as a function of the critical mass of critical connections. New research contradicting common intuitions about social connections and change shows how, while simple ideas spread most effectively […]

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Found In Translation: How our understanding of language transcends languages

From the representation of individual words as concepts to collective words as sentences, there are patterns in the ways we understand language that transcend the organization of individual languages. One of the new insights emerging about human brain function … is that individual concepts have identifiable neural signatures … [and] that there is a high […]

Network Earth | Mauro Martino • Jianxi Gao

The world is a complicated place. Our planet is made up of millions of networks from microscopic ecosystems to global migration. How can we ever hope to understand and predict the complexity of our mulit-networked world? New research may have the answer… REFERENCE Network Earth (video) | Mauro Martino • Jianxi Gao RELATED Universal resilience […]

The Power of Networks: Complexity, patterns, fractals, and scale | Gaia Marcus • Manuel Lima

Gaia Marcus: Something we’re examining is how people need to understand complexity… We’re taught that A plus B equals C but that’s not actually how that works at the more complex level. And something you touch on… was how order and disorder, or order and complexity are actually two poles of the same phenomena and […]

Collage: Visual Complexity

Although there are important distinctions between the physical processes of the brain and the processing of information within the brain, one key similarity is the role of networks. Even as researchers, designers, and technologists advance our capacity for the conscious understanding of big data, we should remember that we are basically attempting to bring forth into the world that which is already […]