A Sentence as a Story: Patterns and scales of language

Every sentence is a story. That is, the organizing principles of a sentence are very similar to those of a story. Although it isn’t clear which came first, the shared abstract structures of grammar and narrative suggest an underlying pattern that informs the organization of language (and perhaps cognition as well) at multiple scales. The […]

Counterpoint and the hidden structure of choreographic knowledge

In her TEDxColumbus talk from 2009, Norah Zuniga Shaw tells the story behind Synchronous Objects, an interdisciplinary, collaborative project which involved translating choreographic elements from a dance into data that were then used to create a series of data visualizations. During the project, collaborators started using the concept of counterpoint to explore the deep layers […]

SCFlashMob | Superconductivity Dance

Created for the online science museum emergentuniverse.org, this dance flash mob illustrates the behavior of electrons in a superconductor. Superconductors are materials which, at very low temperatures, can conduct electric currents without any resistance. That means that the current can flow forever with no energy loss. Reference emergentuniverse.org | When electrons flashmob (interactive site) SCFlashMob […]

Meet the Elements: Atoms, elements, and interactions

The music video for the song, “Meet the Elements,” is an “animated, upbeat ode to the periodic table of elements[.]” The periodic table visually organizes structural and chemical relationships among the various elements, while the music video offers a playful glimpse into the types of interactions among elements that — “like a box of paints […]

music animation machine

Bach • Stephen Malinowski | Toccata and fugue in D minor

The subtleties and intricate patterns at the core DNA of western classical music—which have enchanted and fascinated people for centuries—still challenge us today: how do we find our way into a musical language developed long ago and containing considerable structural complexities? Musician and inventor Stephen Malinowski uses a simple visual approach to stimulate our ability […]