3D outline of brain as nodes and edges

Making Connections: Science, Cognition & Communication

How do you describe the same idea to five people at different levels of cognitive development and scientific expertise? It turns out that the communication of science also involves the science of communication. What the Connectome is, it’s a kind of a newly made up term for describing a kind of neuroscience research where we […]

Pencil and pieces of eraser

To Err is Human: Science & the Art of Finding Our Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Even scientists. It’s part of being human. That’s actually why science is so invaluable — it’s a collaborative practice that requires us to continually test, share, and reevaluate the evidence upon which we’ve based our interpretations of reality. The problem researchers have uncovered is simple: the computer programs designed to sift through […]

Systems perspectives as different ways of seeing, organizing, and understanding the world

| It’s not what you see. It’s how you see it. | What we see as a system, and how we understand the interactions of its parts in relationship to the whole, is a function of our own perspective. By changing our perspective, we can conceptually reorganize the same phenomenon as different types of systems […]

The human art of way-finding

Recent studies are explaining the psychology and physiology of losing one’s way. Researchers have, for example, created large databases of the experiences of the lost: airplane pilots who experience detachment from body, aircraft, and earth known as “break-off”; or hunters who track prey so intently that they develop “wood shock,” losing sense of their location. […]

TED Playlists: Adventures in Mapping (10 Talks)

Maps don’t just tell you which street to turn left on. Maps convey information that shapes our lives, deepen our understanding of problems and our ability to create solutions, and whisk our imaginations to new lands. Aris Venetikidis: Making sense of maps Lalitesh Katragadda: Making maps to fight disaster, build economies Steven Johnson: How the […]