Do sensory metaphors give language emotional flavor?

Metaphorical sentences may spark increased brain activity in emotion-related regions because they allude to physical experiences … Human language frequently uses physical sensations or objects to refer to abstract domains such as time, understanding, or emotion … “You begin to realize when you look at metaphors how common they are in helping us understand abstract […]


COULD EMOTIONS BE THE KEY TO SELF-CONTROL? Looking at our feelings/emotions as pre-verbal, embodied information about the self and the environment that may help us better understand (and control) our thoughts and actions.   We know that people who meditate do better on tasks that require self-control… “[The study] results suggest that willpower or self-control […]

Meditation and Multi-tasking

When we talk about learning, we’re normally talking about transactional learning or the learning of information. However, we also learn behaviors, which include ways of understanding information that affect/effect how we interpret concepts (mental patterns of behavior) as well as ways of responding to information that affect/effect how we act in the world (physical patterns of […]