Gold & Green: The mathematical beauty of nature

… [Rafael Araujo] adeptly renders the mathematical brilliance of nature with just a pencil, compass, ruler and a protractor. He was fifteen when he first observed intelligent patterns in the work of nature and learned about PHI (ϕ), the Golden Ratio. This ratio equals 1.618 and is found everywhere in the realm of nature. By […]

Puzzles, numbers, and the abstract functions of physical forms

We could say that cognitive development in any domain (movement, language, mathematics, etc.) is a process of literally and figuratively putting the pieces together. Different domains may involve different pieces, but perhaps the underlying patterns are really the same. Especially in the area of mathematics, should it be surprising that some of those pieces would […]

Jon Hamilton (NPR) | Without language, large numbers don’t add up

A study of people in Nicaragua has concluded that humans need language in order to understand large numbers… “It confirms that the kinds of problems in perceiving numerical quantities that we found in the Amazonian tribes is not due to just the cultural or environmental circumstances,” says Peter Gordon of Columbia University… “What’s exciting about […]

Whitney Howell-Duke (Futurity) | Baby’s innate number sense predicts math skills

“Our study shows that infant number sense is a predictor of symbolic math,” Brannon says. “We believe that when children learn the meaning of number words and symbols, they’re likely mapping those meanings onto pre-verbal representations of number that they already have in infancy,” she says. “We can’t measure a baby’s number sense ability at […]

Jann Ingmire (Futurity) | Kids ‘get’ math when they use their hands

Children gain a deeper understanding of math and perform better when doing a problem if they use hand gestures…In the abstract gesture group, children were taught to produce a V-point gesture with their fingers under two of the numbers, metaphorically grouping them, followed by pointing a finger at the blank in the equation… Children in […]