Outline of human head with tree branch pattern inside

Found In Translation: How our understanding of language transcends languages

From the representation of individual words as concepts to collective words as sentences, there are patterns in the ways we understand language that transcend the organization of individual languages. One of the new insights emerging about human brain function … is that individual concepts have identifiable neural signatures … [and] that there is a high […]

Mental Fingerprints: The brain as a form of ID

The structural connections in your brain are unique to you, say scientists, who have developed a way to “fingerprint” the human brain … “This confirms something that we’ve always assumed in neuroscience—that connectivity patterns in your brain are unique to you … This means that many of your life experiences are somehow reflected in the […]

Alignment and the neuroscience of effective communication

How can you tell if you really understand what someone else is saying? Or that they really understand what you’re saying? We may have an intuitive sense of being in sync with others, but someday soon there’ll most likely be a mobile app that can check whether our thoughts are actually synchronized… During his 2016 […]