The Neuroscience of Creativity, Flow, and Openness to Experience | Scott Barry Kaufman

It seems appropriate that human creativity is connected to a neurological alliance of opposing forces. It’s as if the executive and default networks are normally in conflict, like little children competing for attention or ancient warlords fighting for dominion over the world. It very well could be their fate to remain forever in conflict, never […]

Different perspectives: Creativity, awareness, and the third person point of view

For most people, the metaphor of the meandering creative brain resonates deeply because in many ways our conceptual sense of what it means to be creative emerges from our physical experience of meandering, of wandering, of exploring new places and rediscovering familiar ones. Krista Tippett (On Being) | A heightened potential for creativity [Rex Jung […]

Buckner • Andrews-Hanna • Schacter | The brain’s default network: Anatomy, function, and relevance to disease

A shared human experience is our active internal mental life. Left without an immediate task that demands full attention, our minds wander jumping from one passing thought to next—what William James (1890) called the “stream of consciousness.” We muse about past happenings, envision possible future events, and lapse into ideations about worlds that are far […]