Narrow-Minded: What bias tells us about how we think

Brains can do the most amazing things. They help us think about ideas, have interesting conversations, learn new dance moves, stay alive, and do all those other everyday activities we generally take for granted. For the most part, brains are really good at what they do. Of course, it would be impossible for them to […]

Chalkboard style sign reading subject to technical issues

It’s Not a Flaw, It’s a Feature: Why we shouldn’t be biased about cognitive biases

Sometimes the human brain can seem really stupid. Even with all our impressive mental powers, we still have trouble accurately interpreting everything from our own perceptions to social interactions to statistical probabilities. It’s like each of us is wearing an invisible pair of eyeglasses that manipulate what we think we see by filtering out, highlighting, […]

Three examples of multistable perceptions

Look at It This Way: How our brains influence how we see the world

Whether it’s physical objects or a mental ideas, we know that there’s always more than one way to see things. Yet the brain’s job is to make sense of everything, so we often aren’t conscious of just how ambiguous the world really is. To the extent that mental conception emerges from physical perception, what and […]