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Heel, Heart & Head: Levels of Music (and the Keeping of Time)

Music may be divided into three kinds: First, the music of simple time, without any particular emphasis — and this may be called the music of the heels; second, music in which time is varied, in which there is the eager haste and the delicious delay, that is, the fast and slow, in accordance with […]

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Self, Employed: A Review of The Mind’s Job Description

“What is the mind?” Since the mind isn’t actually a thing, this is more of a philosophical question than a scientific one. However it’s a very tricky question, even for a philosopher. Perhaps a better (as in more useful) question to ask is “What does the mind do?” According to Ralph Barton Perry, a 20th […]

Types of empathy: Feeling versus thinking about others’ emotions

What is the difference between affective and cognitive empathy? Of all the tools in the emotional intelligence toolbox, empathy is especially valuable in today’s world. As we continue to learn more about how much human decision-making and behavior is informed — if not driven — by emotion, being able to understand how someone else feels […]

Why do you feel?: A case for the evolutionary benefits of the ability to respond to our internal physical states

| Research on transformation, adaptation, behavior, and interoception | One definition of learning is the ability to change our behaviors in response to our past experiences. A related dimension of learning involves the ability to respond in the moment to whatever changes are happening to us as well as whatever changes are physically, emotionally, and/or […]