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It’s Not a Flaw, It’s a Feature: Why we shouldn’t be biased about cognitive biases

Sometimes the human brain can seem really stupid. Even with all our impressive mental powers, we still have trouble accurately interpreting everything from our own perceptions to social interactions to statistical probabilities. It’s like each of us is wearing an invisible pair of eyeglasses that manipulate what we think we see by filtering out, highlighting, […]

Mathias Weitbrecht • Visual Facilitators • Explainas | The way things are – The anatomy of reality

Do we really experience things that happen in an objective way? We act as if we do – but let’s take a look… Several layers seem to obscure reality and the way things are… People actually walk around and experience reality their way and believe “this is the way things really are”. Well, maybe not… […]

Julie Cohen (UC Santa Barbara • Futurity) | Using fewer brain ‘tools’ may speed learning

With the neurological correlates of the learning process coming into focus, the scientists were able to delve into the differences among participants in order to explain why some learned the sequences faster than others. Counterintuitive as it may seem, the participants who showed decreased neural activity learned the fastest. The critical distinction was in areas […]