Vintage diagram of parts of the mind

New Old-fashioned Ways of Thinking about Thinking

•A brief history of the emergent mind• The human mind is one of the universe’s great mysteries. It’s also possible that the mind, like the universe itself, is an emergent phenomenon. We know that the mind is a function of the brain, but it somehow transcends the brain as well. The unknown “how” of emergence […]

Reimagining the Mind: An emergent systems perspective of cognition

Just as matter emerges from different scales of physical interactions, what if mind emerges from different scales of cognitive interactions? What if our ability to perceive the physical world, make associations based on our perceptions, and conceptualize those associations as symbols represent emergent levels of cognition? How can this perspective of cognitive emergence help us […]

The sense of meaning: Words and the cognitive emergence of symbolic language

| The perception, association, and conception of words as language | We are so familiar with words that we don’t really think about them. Yet they are much more than they appear to be on the surface. Their depths may even reveal to us the inner workings of our own minds. We are constantly processing […]

Composing a thought: Why feeling and sensing are integral to thinking in emergent cognition

| What is the nature of thought as a process of cognitive emergence? | Not unlike a kind of elusive material – a cloud, for example – we can imagine that a thought (mental perception) is composed of feelings (affective/energetic perceptions) in much the same that an organism is composed of cells, or that cells […]