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| Scales of Time |

What is the nature of time? Although we are able to count the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the years — how do we know what it is we are counting? Is time an objective physical quality of the world that can be measured? Or is it simply a shared construct, a conceptual tempo, to help us organize and coordinate our collective experience of events?

Whatever it is, our sense of time defines and is defined by how we perceive the world. Relative to our perceptual capacities, events that happen either too quickly or too slowly are all but invisible to us. Yet when we watch slow motion and time lapse videos, we are able to imagine just how much is always happening at different scales of time beyond our normal perceptual frame of reference.

Slow motion: Water drops

Watch the bouncing droplet | Steven Trainoff • Noah Philips
Invisible Worlds in Water: Water drop shot in 10000 frames a second | Discovery Showcase