Body-Mind Alignment: Yoga and the cultivation of voice

We’ve all heard about the mind-body connection. But what about body-mind alignment? In this interview, yoga and voice instructor Jurian Hughes describes yoga as the practice of unifying or aligning our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. This alignment is essential to what she calls our authentic voice, or the “full, deep expression of ourselves.” Her […]

Turbulent Times: The adolescence of teenagers, technology & the human tribe

REVKIN: In The Descent of Man, in 1871, Darwin wrote a passage about how we were fundamentally tribal, but that the more that humans were interrelating with each other … the more our sense of tribe would expand. Then he said, only an artificial barrier stands before we will become essentially one tribe, not just […]

Transformational Change and Revolutionary Love

TIPPETT: You’ve said … an animating question for you is “How does transformational change happen…?” ALEXANDER: I think very often people are waiting for the next great leader to emerge, not recognizing that that’s actually not how the history unfolded … Throughout history you see that when ordinary people begin to believe that their own […]

How to make the world wide web a better place

Could a science of character development inform the ways we design the internet, technology, and society? [W]e proactively can evolve the internet and infuse it with character strengths. That is really a framework to think about a healthy evolution of the internet, instead of throwing your hands up … [J]ust as we’re raising a child, […]

Investigating healthy minds | Krista Tippett • Richard Davidson

We are always changing, learning, growing. It’s not a question of if, but a question of how. Neuroplasticity is the study of the brain’s plasticity, or its ability to adapt over an individual’s lifetime. Along with scientific research on contemplative practices, neuroplasticity is giving us new maps of what is possible in the exploration of human […]

Evolution and wonder: Understanding Charles Darwin | James Moore • Krista Tippett

Darwin has a vision of nature and it takes quite a while studying Darwin from when he was in his 20s really until, at the end of his life, he’s working on earthworms, of all things. I do have the most profound respect for the way he doggedly pursued his vision of the history of […]