Heel, Heart & Head: Levels of Music (and the Keeping of Time)

Music may be divided into three kinds: First, the music of simple time, without any particular emphasis — and this may be called the music of the heels; second, music in which time is varied, in which there is the eager haste and the delicious delay, that is, the fast and slow, in accordance with our feelings, with our emotions — and this may be called the music of the heart; third, the music that includes time and emphasis, the hastening and the delay, and something in addition, that produces not only states of feeling but states of thought. This may be called the music of the head, — the music of the brain.

— Robert Green Ingersoll

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Levels of music: beat, rhythm (of undifferentiated frequency), notes (as multiple frequencies)
The role of time / before & after / cause & effect on the evolution of human cognition

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