Found In Translation: How our understanding of language transcends languages

From the representation of individual words as concepts to collective words as sentences, there are patterns in the ways we understand language that transcend the organization of individual languages.

One of the new insights emerging about human brain function … is that individual concepts have identifiable neural signatures … [and] that there is a high degree of commonality of such signatures across people.

The current study demonstrates the commonality of the neural representation of sentences across two languages. The model successfully predicted Portuguese sentences … from a mapping developed in English … In sum, the model demonstrated meta-language prediction capabilities across languages, people, and bilingual status.

Commonality of neural representations of sentences across languages: Predicting brain activation during Portuguese sentence comprehension using an English-based model of brain function | NeuroImage: Ying Yang • Jing Wang • Cyntia Bailer • Vladimir Cherkassky • Marcel Adam Just