Out of the Shadows: Embracing the Villian Within

Profile of man in shadow

[T]o the degree that you condemn others and find evil in others, you are to that degree unconscious of the same thing in yourself. Or at least of the potentiality of it…

In order to admit and really accept and understand the evil in oneself, one has to be able to do it without being an enemy to it…

There was a sort of twinkle in Jung’s eye that gave me the impression that he knew himself to be just as much a villain as everybody else … It showed that he knew and recognized what I sometimes call the element of irreducible rascality in himself. And he knew it so strongly and so clearly and in a way so lovingly, that he would not condemn the things in others and would therefore not be lead into those thoughts, feelings, and acts of violence towards others which are always characteristic of the people who project the devil in themselves upon the outside – upon somebody else – upon the scapegoat.

Alan Watts on Carl Jung | MindPod Network