3 Powers of Creativity: Connection, Collaboration & Community

How can a creative mindset add value to an entrepreneurial work ethic?

[E]ven while many of us are looking for our inner artist, only some think to ask themselves what’s the actual value of creativity … For years, I’ve been studying the lives of successful authors, artists, and creative people. What I’ve realized … is that there are certain strengths creative people have … Here are three of them …

1. Synthesis: Good creative work is about making connections, not just making points.

2. Collaboration: Without the involvement of others, your work will likely suffer and probably won’t spread very far.

3. Empathy: Marketing is about building community, and all artistic output does demand an audience. But it takes the right person to serve that audience well—and to do that, you need to take the time to understand it.

Any fool can make a point. The truly creative person makes a connection … The creative impulse fundamentally involves connecting with other people …

Perhaps anything of meaning requires a context within which to be understood. To the extent that our creative expressions are intended to be meaningful, the context of our work involves other people. Directly or indirectly, even when the focus is self-expression / communicating with ourselves. If only because our sense of self is defined by, embedded in, and an emergent property of our relationships.

These descriptions of connection, collaboration, and community can also serve as a reference for imagining learning as an emergent pattern. As we make connections among pieces of information, we develop organized units of knowledge. As these units become collaborative and productive, we develop systems of knowledge. And as we situate these systems in the greater context or community of other systems, they become meaningful.

Three Reasons Why Your Creative Work Needs An Audience | Jeff Goins