On falling in love with your work

[L]ife’s most energizing and exciting moments occur in those split seconds when our strugglings and searchings are suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of … an image of the future.

I am convinced that the driving force behind future accomplishments is people’s image of the future. Positive images of the future are a powerful and magnetic force … [S]cientists have accumulated considerable evidence that our image of the future is a powerful motivating force and determines what we are motivated to learn and achieve … Certainly, we need new, positive images of the future throughout the world, ones that are compelling and exciting to the imagination.

One of the most powerful wellsprings of creative energy, outstanding accomplishment, and self-fulfillment seems to be falling in love with something — your dream, your image of the future.

— Paul Torrance

The Manifesto: A Guide to Developing a Creative Career | Paul Torrance