How to make the world wide web a better place

Could a science of character development inform the ways we design the internet, technology, and society?

[W]e proactively can evolve the internet and infuse it with character strengths. That is really a framework to think about a healthy evolution of the internet, instead of throwing your hands up … [J]ust as we’re raising a child, we need to shepherd this to its maturity, and infuse it with our own sense of character …

[W]e’re at this point in human evolution and our civilization where you have this tool that’s creating a nervous system for the whole world, and we can shape it. And we can prune it. And we can strengthen things that are important, and weaken things that are not as important — or not good for society.

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growing up the internet
Growing Up the Internet | Tiffany Shlain • Krista Tippett