The hypothetical self: Experiementing with body, identity, and relationship

As one woman embodying a diverse range of characters, Sarah Jones helps her audiences discover different perspectives. Her performances provide us with a multifaceted lens to look through the eyes of others, a mirror in which to see ourselves, and a window into a whole new way of imagining the dynamics of body, identity, and relationship. These dynamics inform who we think we are and how we continually define / redefine our sense of self.

We’re talking about the body… Both the body and the voice serve as these kind of laboratories for me, for these social experiments which I carry out on stage in front of an audience…

My experiment is really about thinking about… how a person carries herself or speaks or just sort of embodies a particular relationship to her own power, her understanding of her own power, whatever power the world confers upon her… How one’s own self concept and how that manifests physically impacts the way the world reacts to the person, and then there’s a loop, there’s just this constant loop… I can be almost anybody in this body and have you react to me differently depending on how I appear and sound and your comfort level with your body.

One woman, many people | Sarah Jones


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