A One-Woman Global Village | Sarah Jones

From the point of view of our own experiences as individuals, the concepts of self and identity make sense, seem obvious, are in fact self-evident. But are they real? What substance do they have beyond the sounds and images (words as reference) we’ve assigned to them and situated within a network of other audio and visual references (words as language)? Do they map to specific areas, networks, or processes in the brain? Or are they more like internal maps we create based on the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves to help us navigate the world?

In her multi-character, multi-cultural, multi-dimensional one woman performances, Sarah Jones playfully and powerfully challenges what we think we know about others, ourselves / our selves, and the very notion of self.

But the theme of this session, of course, is invention. And while I don’t have any patents that I’m aware of, you will be meeting a few of my inventions today. I suppose it’s fair to say that I am interested in the invention of self or selves. We’re all born into certain circumstances with particular physical traits, unique developmental experiences, geographical and historical contexts. But then what? To what extent do we self-construct, do we self-invent? How do we self-identify and how mutable is that identity? Like, what if one could be anyone at any time? Well my characters, like the ones in my shows, allow me to play with the spaces between those questions.

A One-Woman Global Village | Sarah Jones


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