The Power of Networks: Complexity, patterns, fractals, and scale | Gaia Marcus • Manuel Lima

Gaia Marcus: Something we’re examining is how people need to understand complexity… We’re taught that A plus B equals C but that’s not actually how that works at the more complex level. And something you touch on… was how order and disorder, or order and complexity are actually two poles of the same phenomena and what’s a problem of scale… So could you maybe explain a bit further what you meant by… order and disorder being the same thing but at a different scale?

Manuel Lima: Like you’re saying it’s a problem of scale. What do I mean is, if you look deep into a network, if you look at the most key ingredients like the node and the line, if you zoom into the network it’s extremely simple. It’s just simplicity duplicated many … many times as fractals. Fractals are just the same pattern duplicated many … many times. Well that creates complexity but that complexity arises from simplicity.

Q&A on The Power of Networks (12:53 – 18:31) | Gaia Marcus • Manuel Lima