A tale of two apes: Elaine Morgan and the aquatic ape hypothesis

Elaine Morgan was a tenacious proponent of a theory that is not widely accepted. The aquatic ape hypothesis lays out the idea that humans evolved from primate ancestors who dwelt in watery habitats. Hear her spirited defense of the idea — and her theory on why science doesn’t take it seriously

Well, this is 2009. And it’s the Bicentenary of Charles Darwin. And all over the world, eminent evolutionists are anxious to celebrate this. And what they’re planning to do is to enlighten us on almost every aspect of Darwin and his life, and how he changed our thinking. I say almost every aspect, because there is one aspect of this story which they have thrown no light on. And they seem anxious to skirt around it and step over it and to talk about something else. So I’m going to talk about it. It’s the question of, why are we so different from the chimpanzees? …

Alister Hardy, a marine biologist, said, “I think what happened, perhaps our ancestors had a more aquatic existence for some of the time.” He kept it to himself for 30 years. But then the press got hold of it and all hell broke loose. All his colleagues said, “This is outrageous. You’ve exposed us to public ridicule! You must never do that again.” And at that time, it became set in stone: the aquatic theory should be dumped with the UFOs and the yetis, as part of the lunatic fringe of science.

Elaine Morgan says we evolved from aquatic apes | Elaine Morgan

Elaine Morgan and the Aquatic Ape | Erika Lorraine Milam