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What is Interaction Design? Connecting explores this question with some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders. When digital and physical worlds become one, new behaviors become possible, enabling connected humans with a collective capacity to change the world….

It’s not very different from what happened, you know, during the Cambrian explosion when cells began to aggregate together using chemical signals and things and then became organisms. Their behavior can become more and more collective as those signals become more and more explicit.

Out of very individual actions, people are starting to form local connections and then out of these local connections, you’re starting to see a much bigger system appear.

You know, we’ll look back one day on things like flash mobs and for that matter the revolutions in Egypt and in Tunisia and so on as early displays of collective behavior mediated by these new lighter weight, more ubiquitous, much, much faster and richer mechanisms for connectivity. We’re part of something bigger. And I think many of us are not aware of the extent to which we’re a part of something bigger and not entirely, not just our own selves anymore.

Connecting | Microsoft Design • Bassett & Partmers

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