The Power of Networks: Universal structure | Manuel Lima

| The self-similar design of neuro-networks and galaxy formation |

I love this comparison. So what you have on the left side is the neuro-network of a mouse from 2006, which at this scale is pretty much similar to our own. And on the right side is the Millennium Simulation. It was the largest and most realistic simulation of the growth of cosmic structure and the formation of galaxies. It was able to recreate the evolutionary history of approximately twenty million galaxies in approximately 25TB of output. And here again you have the same comparison, just on a different scale. Again neuro-network of a mouse, again very similar to our own, and again the millenium simulation on a different scale. And for me, coincidentally or not, I just find this comparison striking on so many different levels. Between the smaller scale of knowledge, of human knowledge, and a larger scale of knowledge – the universe itself. And how everything is really really so similar.

universal structure

The Power of Networks | Manuel Lima