The power of networks: Knowledge in an age of infinite interconnectedness | Manuel Lima

I’m going to talk today about the power of networks and the challenge of mapping an increasingly complex world. And I’m actually gonna start this talk with trees…This widespread metaphor it’s so so popular because it really expresses a human desire for order, for symmetry, for hierarchy, for simplicity, for balance and unity. Trees are really an embodiment of the simple way we like to look at the world.

In my view we are really at this turning point from trees to networks. We are really facing a paradigm shift. The paradigm shift in the sense that trees are now no longer able to really accommodate the inherent complexities of the modern world.

Networks are truly everywhere, it is this omnipresent structure – the brain is network of neuro-cells connected by axons, cells themselves are of course networks of molecules, societies as we all know are networks of people linked by different types of ties.

Even more than the idea of representing this complex system is the need for a new way of thinking. And this new way of thinking is about this pluralistic way of thinking – that everything is interconnected and everything is interdependent.

The power of networks | Manuel Lima